The Fiction Addiction Podcast

Episode 7: Kim Knight (Author)

February 9, 2020

Kim Knight joins the Fiction Addiction podcast and discusses her journey as an author and drops several tips for aspiring authors.


Guest Bio
Kim is born in 1983 and from London in the UK. She's a mother to a beautiful little boy, and a proud award-winning author (awarded Best Romance 2017 title for A Stranger In France). Kim started her journey as a traditionally published author and later dived into self-publishing also.

As a reader, she's head over heels in love with romance, historical fiction, crime fiction, African- American, suspense and thriller genre books. As a writer, Kim enjoys creating stories with a diverse and multi-cultural lineup, within the romance, romantic suspense, and general thriller and crime genres. When she's not reading, or writing stories of her own her other passions include practicing her French, astrology, fashion, make-up artistry, drawing, spending time at her sewing machine dressmaking, watching make -up and beauty tutorials on YouTube, letter writing and being a mum.


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