The Fiction Addiction Podcast

Episode 29: Daniella Shepard (Author)

June 12, 2020

Daniella Shepard joins the Fiction Addiction podcast and discusses her journey as an author, life in Alaska, The Dark Land, and more. 


Guest Bio

Daniella Shepard is a Professional Electrical Engineer and ex-Navy Nuclear Electrician’s Mate who pulled up anchor at eighteen in California and set out to see the world. Through many twists and turns, she slowly made her way north to Alaska, where she immediately fell in love with the Last Frontier. She enjoys playing with live electricity, exploring Alaska, or snuggling with her editor (cat) Felix. You can find her and her husband Ray in Anchorage or hanging out most summers at their off-grid cabin near the small community of Chicken, AK. If you want to read more about her latest Alaskan adventure, or her current work-in-progress about women in STEM saving the day, check out her website and sign up for her newsletter.


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