The Fiction Addiction Podcast

Episode 35: Ki Williams (Author)

September 4, 2020

Ki Williams joins the Fiction Addiction podcast and discusses her journey as an author, poetry and more. 


Guest Bio

Author and poet, Ki Williams, is a devoted writer and lover of creatives, and the creative industry. She has been writing since the crayon was placed in her hand which has always given her the freedom to express herself and exercise her voice and imagination.

Ki writes for personal passion and therapy, as well as to offer good content and rich stories for the world to enjoy and relate to. She is a fiction author and enjoys supporting other indie authors and artists. She is the CEO of Oceanview Promotions, a literary and creative artist promotion platform that gives creators a safe place to network and support one another.

Ki is also the CEO of Bleeding Ink Creatives, where she services clients in literary services such as editing, grant writing, notary services, as well as being a wedding officiant. Ki is a wife, mother and daughter, and takes pride in wearing her many hats. She is a goal setter and a go getter; as currently she is working on a new book!

Ki intends to continue to create and serve her readers, while maintaining an encouraging and supportive role in the industry through her companies. She plans to expand her platforms to offer more interactive events and campaigns that cater to contributing to that safe haven for writers and creators.


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